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Watch Mayweather VS Mcgregor Live Stream

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The biggest event in the boxing category in a decade will surely be “The Money Fight”. The event gets interesting as Floyd Mayweather will take upon Conor Mcgregor on the 26th of August, 2017 at the T-Mobile Arena live from Las Vegas, USA. Expected to break the records of the home box office, the match will be aired by PPV, which has one the rights to broadcast the massive knockout match in the USA. Hence, it is easy for a resident of USA to stream the match and watch Mayweather vs Mcgregor live stream.

This match will be aired in the UK by their sports broadcasting channels, as Sky Sports won the broadcasting rights. This match is “The Fight of the Century”, with so many nationals and internationals keen upon knowing who clinched the title after all!


List of Channels Streaming The Game

The channels which will show Mayweather Vs Mcgregor live stream which is supposed to be updated as to who won the broadcasting rights in each continent. The match will be aired on August 26th, 2017 live from Las Vegas. The list of channels, national and international will include:

  • Showtime PPV(USA)
  • UFC Fight Pass PPV (USA)
  • Sky Sports Box Office (UK)
  • Super Sports (South Africa)
  • OSN Play (Middle East)
  • Ru (Russia)
  • DAZN (Germany)
  • DAZN (Austria)
  • Main Event (Australia)

If the match is not being broadcast in the desired channels or the continent has not got the broadcasting rights to air the match, one can watch Mayweather vs Mcgregor online as the VPN can be used to unblock the channels from the bypass geographical restrictions irrespective of area.

How to Watch The Match Online

Even though one might not have a paid subscription to any of these boxing channels, it does not matter. The unavailability of the channels apart from the said regions, one can not access to watch Mayweather vs Mcgregor online too. In that case, a geo error will pop up saying that the pay per event is unavailable in the present location through the website. The local service provider will be said to refer to, in order to avail the channels. If by any chance one tries to purchase the game using UFC Fight Pass outside of the US, a geo error will be shown which shows that the broadcasting restrictions has caused unavailability of the video within the UFC Fight Pass subscription. Hence, the local TV listings will be asked to refer to.


Using VPN To Watch The Match

In order to get blocked by the geo error, one can use a VPN or Virtual Private Network to set it up easily. Assuming the user to be living outside of the US and wanting to watch the match on Showtime one would need to :

  • Access the VPN provider with a legitimate VPN service in the United States.
  • On signing up and installing the VPN app, it can be accessed from iOS, PC, Android or Mac OS too in order to connect to the server.
  • This would enable the user to access the channels broadcasting the match in the USA
  • In order to order the PPV from the Showtime or UFC Fight Pass, one would need to search for the channel and then watch Mayweather vs Mcgregor live stream.

The game of the year will be aired in prime time on the 26th August, 2017.


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