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Scarifying, Raking and Brushing Lawns

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Scarifying is amongst the most significant upkeep tasks that must be carried out on your lawn. As time goes by organic matter can construct up in the lawn adding to what’s generally known as the thatch layer. Thatch is triggered by any decaying components such as grass clipping, leaves, twigs etc.

A little level of thatch is desirable within a lawn (no greater than 13mm) as it assists sustain a resilient sward. Nonetheless if the create up becomes to excessive the well being of the lawn will suffer. Lawns with excessive thatch have poor drought resistance, inadequate surface drainage, shallow root development and can suffer from disease issues.

Thus it really is essential to help keep the create up of thatch in check. The ideal way of controlling the thatch layer is by scarifying, raking and brushing. All of these tasks have there place within a great lawn upkeep program.

Powered Scarifier

Mechanically powered machines are accessible for the removal of thatch. These powered machines are excellent when you have a major thatch or moss problem as they’re able to penetrate deep into the sward and remove vast amounts of thatch and moss.

They’re also excellent if you have a large area to scarify to save time and work. The positive aspects of these machines are that they are quite swift and also the depth can very easily be adjusted to suit the situations.

Hand Rake

A spring bok or spring tine rake is suitable for smaller sized gardens or exactly where the thatch difficulty just isn’t as well serious. Rakes are best for removing moss inside the spring time immediately after it has been treated and killed.

Making use of a rake can also be helpful just before mowing inside the summer, by standing up the grass and removing any lateral development that may contribute towards the thatch layer. Some mowers are truly fitted using a tiny comb among the front roller and cutting cylinder for this objective


Brushing the turf is excellent for removing any debris and standing the grass up ahead of mowing to eliminate any lateral development and annual meadow seed heads (a weed grass). Brushes can either be trailed (with or devoid of a collector) or hand held.

Timing of Operations

Any heavy duty scarification is very best carried out through early summer season (late April – early May well) or late summer (late August – early September). This is because growth need to be sturdy and recovery is swift. This operation will probably be undertaken with a powered scarifier.

Any moderate scarifying or raking may be carried out any time through the expanding season avoiding periods of drought or poor growth. Recovery are going to be significantly less of a problem because the operation just isn’t as extreme deep scarification.

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