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Raiola orders and not the panda – Internet Positioning Contest

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Raiola manda y no el panda hundreds of years ago, in centuries dating from BC the ideal gladiators of Ancient Rome went to the coliseum to confront each other in violent and deadly battles. A few of these had been criminals, other prisoners of war, other slaves, but there was a smaller percentage of gladiators who had been free of charge men. Guys who chose to fight with the only want to prove that they have been the most beneficial and to savor the glory of victory.

It truly is unquestionable that the spirit of competition has been established in the human condition given that time immemorial. It can be something that may be in our genes and it is going to usually be. Fortunately we are no longer in Ancient Rome and we’ve got other strategies to compete and accomplish that ecstasy that makes it possible for us to win and be the most effective.

If you’re a footballer the battle is played in the field, when you are a chess player around the board, should you be a swimmer within the pool, in case you are a lawyer in the court … but when you are Seo, the battlefield is quite different. Welcome for the SERP (Search Engine Outcome Web page) , the coliseum of internet positioning professionals.

In current years everyone desires to appear within the SERP and that is why Search engine optimisation has skilled abysmal growth. The rise of smartphones and world wide web has produced us live within a hyperconnected planet where the answer of lots of of our problems begins by performing a very simple search on google. It is actually standard that all corporations choose to appear within the major positions of your search engines like google and provide their solutions. Who doesn’t want their solution to become noticed by millions of persons in the click of a button? From this need arise the Search engine optimisation pros.

Seo Experts

Seo as a professional, is one particular who has the approaches and understanding to get a certain internet site to occupy the top positions in google. It really is a continuous struggle against google and against competitors aiming to be in the major positions. To occupy these positions you will find particular patterns that Search engine marketing comply with, but really there is certainly no defined methodology, as in all disciplines each and every mastery has its booklet and the planet of Search engine optimisation was not going to be less. Regardless of the tactics we all know, every single Seo keeps an ace in the sleeve that is definitely not commonly shared with any individual.

Dean Romero of Blogger3cero is a person who knows this world incredibly well and who’s also aware of that competitive rivalry established in our genes. That’s why he has created the web positioning contest “Raiola sends and not the panda” in Madrid and Zaragoza. The purpose is easy to position the keyword ” Raiola sends and not the panda ” within the Google prime 1. You’ve got 25 days to complete it.

To participate it really is mandatory to be registered within the forum of SoyWebmaster or to be inside the list of subscribers of Blogger3cero. That’s the only requirement, so anyone can test their know-how, have expertise or not in Search engine optimization , the challenge would be to participate and learn in the process.

Apart from the satisfaction of winning and knowing that you are certainly one of the top within the national panorama in Search engine optimisation, Raiola Networks, the official sponsor, has created obtainable for the winner a succulent prize of 5000 €. Do you’ll need extra motives to participate?

Date and Location of your Raiola Contest and not the Panda

The date on which the Search engine optimization competitors ends in Madrid is June 25. From the first day numerous Seo designed their landing and began to give a pulse towards the renowned panda, Google’s positioning algorithm. Hence the name from the contest “Raiola sends and not the panda.” To this day the SERP of that keyword continues to be in continual motion with surprising fluctuations. Many of the websites with the major positions are SEO’s that take time within the panorama, but others are of SEO’s which are emerging from nowhere.

Raiola boss and not the panda Seo contest in Madrid

Around the 25th of this month the contest will finish. To decide on the winner will probably be the search for “raiola manda and not the panda” from Madrid and Zaragoza making use of Google Chrome in incognito mode and from

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