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How To Make Meetings Fun and Efficient – Brain Picks from a Meeting Veteran

April 17, Likes.0 Comments

One of the most dreaded things in a lot of companies is meetings. It is an inconvenient thing, in the middle of the work day, that create an unwelcome interruption of the day-to-day workflow. Furthermore, a lot of the meetings we attend feel like a waste of time. Maybe we’re only there because of our title, and that is is expected of us – but we are not able to produce any actual value, and the team can handle themselves. This is extremely frustrating, as we all have calendars and to to-do lists full of important items, in which we can do something and actually make a contribution. When we are finally in a meeting where our attendance makes sense, and we have some input, we get frustrated anyway. This frustration arises because meetings have a tendency to drift and get off-topic really fast – if there was even a topic set to begin with. We have asked self proclaimed meeting veteran Tom Jelsonn what it takes, to make meetings fun and efficient. Here are his two main points for good meetings:

1. Make it easy to make ad-hoc meetings

The big meetings, with a hundred topics on the agenda and every single employee present, are the big killers. As we all have our roles to fill, and are not involved in every single thing in the business, everybody at these meetings will at some point feel like they are wasting their time. They can’t (and shouldn’t) contribute to every topic at these meetings, and that means they will sit for hours just listening to things outside their field of responsibility. The way to abolish big meetings, is by making it easy to create small meetings ad-hoc – as soon as the need for a meeting in a specific team arises, it needs to be frictionless to set one up. This can be achieved using Room Booking Software allowing everyone to easily book a room for a meeting on a specific time of the day. This can be made even easier by allowing employees to book a room using a Conference Room Schedule Display set up right outside the door. When something needs to be discussed in a team, they can then set up a quick 15 minutes meeting with only the relevant people involved.

2. Set a Clear Agenda

The primary reason people are frustrated with meetings are, that they tend do take a lot of time. This can be solved by setting a clear agenda, and adhering to it. If new topics of discussion come up during the meeting, they are added to a list of things to be discussed in a ad-hoc meeting for a specific group later on. This could be right after the initial meeting, or a few days into the future, depending on the topic. You can force yourself to stick to the agenda by estimating how long it will take to go through, and then putting in a hard deadline.

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