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June 1, Likes.0 Comments is an official website or portal on the net which gives away free Xbox Live codes to gamers around the world. As it is known, it is the matter of a big sum of money to acquire a premium gold membership on Xbox Live. So this site helps the acquirement of gold membership for free. was last updated in May 2017. It acts as a generator which helps engender free Xbox Live Gold codes to the players opting to get the gold membership for free.

Alongside the 1-year gold subscription, it also generates live codes for $10, $20, $50 memberships for free. This site’s operation completely depends on their server and not on the gamer’s device. The generation of codes also takes place directly from the server of Hence, the site requires no downloads to be made on the gamer’s computer in order to give away its codes. The only requirement to keep generating free codes without a hindrance is to correctly know the algorithm of Xbox Live which is used by M$.

Why is worth using?

This web portal is quite swift and smooth with a really simple interface. Even beginners can easily access the website without any probable complications. The generator is so fast that it hardly takes a minute or two to generate a complete code. One of the biggest advantages of is that no downloads are required to get codes for free. Since the site’s operation completely depends on their server and not on the gamer’s device; the generation of codes also takes place directly from their server itself. The absence of the requirement to download keeps the site as well as the gamer’s device safe from viruses and other junk. The primary reason behind this website having billions of users is because of its constant supply of free Xbox Live codes to all its visitors. Every code here comes for free. also offers to the gamers a wide range of choices for selecting membership cards. The presently available cards on the site are that of $9.99, $24.99, $59.99 and 4000 points of Microsoft.

Reviews of

This web portal has received constant feedback from its visitors; almost all of which are positive. This service has changed a lot of lives. From not letting money limit gamers to the generation of flawless codes without any hassle, has made the Xbox Live games accessible even to people who never believed they could afford it. The site and its service simply work like a charm for everyone.


With a total of 263 free Xbox Live codes generated, with the collection of 158 completely positive reviews and its availability in 71 countries; makes one of the best websites to save money for all the Xbox gamers. Since Xbox is one of the most widely used gaming consoles; this site has also gained a lot of visitors as no one wishes to spend money on something they can get for free. A common doubt has arisen in the minds of many; how does the site make money. All monetary profits are because of their advertisements.

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