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How to find the best duvet covers

April 29, Likes.0 Comments

About Duvet cover

Duvet cover is one type of  bedding sheets having a bag filled with original feathers or Imitation down to provide the warmth while sleeping. Sometimes the bag is altered to fit like a pillow. Mostly polyester batting is used to fill up and then quilting is done to make it look different and provide the necessary warmth. There are several characteristics to find the best duvet covers. This article deals with it.

Characteristics of the best duvet covers

n today’s world, customers view from different points before buying anything. In this way, buying a duvet cover sheet also needs certain characteristics. Let us see them in brief below.

● Softness

Since duvet cover is used for resting our head, the duvet bedding sets should be very soft. Softer feel can be achieved by the correct use of material. Wool, Polyester, and silk provide a different proportion of softness.

● Bulkiness

The inner side of bedding should be filled with enough amount of textile material to get the bulkiness. If bulkiness is more, the softer feel will also be more. The bulkiness can also be achieved by quilting different designs. These quilted sheets are sometimes called decorative pillows. The designs include rectangular design, random design, and triangular design. Random designed quilts provide enough bulkiness.

● Price

The price depends on the brand we purchase and quality of materials used. The fillings can be a polyester material, wool or silk. Polyester and wool are slightly cheap when compared to Silk. Accordingly, price of the bedding will also vary. If a Belgian linen is used, then the price will be very high.

● Colors

Colors depend on the location of the bedding. If the bedding is present in the bedroom, then you should use rose color duvet covers or white sheets to make it look romantic. If you are looking to decorate a room which should be child-friendly, then you should use dark color covers so that the room is always clean and tidy. The different colors of duvet covers can be seen in showrooms of bedding sale.

● Size

The size depends on the customer requirement. Duvet covers can be used as shower curtains, as a pillow, and as a bedding. For shower curtains, the size should be typically a towel size. For a pillow bedding, the size should be small and enough to hold our head and shoulders. For a bedding sheet, the length and width should match the size of the cart you use.

● Weave of the overcover

Textile materials are soft or rough according to the type of weave they have been used. Plain weave is tight in construction, so, enough warmth will not be produced. Twill weaves can provide the medium amount of heat to dissipate. Sateen weaved over covers provide the shiny effect. Duvet covers can be used for bed and bath options also.


Hope this article brings enough information about how to choose the best duvet covers. Among the characteristics provided, choose the best which fits your need.

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