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Diving in the Maldives – The Victory

May 25, Likes.0 Comments

Several of the best dives I have ever experienced have been in the Maldives, and the Glory accident was an incredible Diving Holidays . Whilst not really as popular or fantastic whilst the Thistlegorm, the Triumph is still an attractive damage, a lot of marine life, with hard and soft corals currently more developed about it.

The Victory sank in 1981 and was a cargo vessel, now on the Western part of the Airport Island in the North Male Atoll at around 30 yards.

Why is my experience more wonderful nonetheless were the diving conditions to the morning, I’ve done my fair share of drift dives, so am very accustomed to strong currents, but the conditions with this day were another thing. It had been just like a gale force wind, entering the water we’d to seize the shot point immediately otherwise we’d have already been a mile out to beach within a matter of units, this prospect is created somewhat more challenging when you look at the fact that the dive boat can’t come and rescue you, as they can’t risk making the website when other divers in your collection have previously descended!

Luckily I was able to secure myself around the picture point and once my pal was inside the water we started our descent, the current was so powerful that individuals were basically outside and it really felt like there was a gale blowing us as we pulled ourselves down the shot point against the current. Then came another problem as we reached the the top of mast, releasing my grip on the photo point and moving myself across to seize hold of another point about 4 yards away, needless to say the perspective to be completed to beach for miles flashed through my head again. When I’d a safe grip about the second-line I breathed a sigh of comfort whilst the deck became clearly visible below. We descended for the terrace and once there we were protected in the recent a totally free to investigate, presence was excellent, but as we were simply diving onair and never Nitrox the jump time was limited at 30 metres. We’d also used more atmosphere than usual as a result of increased effort to truly descend.

Back up to speed the ship we discussed the conditions, and though demanding decided that is what actually made the ability much more rewarding. On the way back after dark money Male we were lucky enough to see numerous Whales swimming along right facing the boat. Overall an excellent days diving.

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