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How to Choose the Best Fathers Day Cards

May 23, Likes.0 Comments

Mostly, Fathers are the non – sentimental figure of the family who is not as much comfortable in showing his emotions outwardly as the other members. He deals with harshness and rules but there is nothing in this world that could deny his love towards his family. So father’s day is a perfect opportunity for you to show him how much you care for him and love him despite his rules and how grateful you are for his part in making you the person you are today. The best way to reinforce the bond between you and your dad is a Father’s day card. There is no need to worry if you are not the most creative person out there because your dad will appreciate the gesture regardless of how the card looks or what it says. But as each father is unique, each personality is appealed by a unique card. Mostly the Father’s Day cards is the one that associates to a memory or event. Here are some of the ideas on how to choose the best Father’s day card.

Reflection of Fond Memory

A card that touches on a fond memory that you share with your father is the best card as it reminds him of the special times and precious moments of his life. You can either create these cards by taking the memory as the theme or you can select one from the stores that reflect an activity you may have enjoyed with your father like traveling, fishing, camping or playing sports. Personal Interest Themes Making a card or buying one from store that is based on certain interest or hobbies of your father can be a great way of showing your dad how much you appreciate and support his leisurely habits or past – times activities. Suppose if your father loves gardening, getting a card that features trees and plants or rare wild plant species makes you connect to him on a personal level rather than a card that features boat or fishes.

Humorous Themes

If your father is a fun personality who likes to joke around about most of the things, then a card that features a funny situations or messages is more appreciated. It also helps if your father is not so sentimental as the emotional tension can be cracked by the joke and you can enjoy the day in a fun way without getting misty eyed. But be sure that your father gets the joke, as sometimes the joke can be lost on more serious fathers and could make the air in between awkward.

Make your Own Card

If you are not sure what to buy from the store that blends perfectly with your father’s personality then there is always the option of making a card yourself. All you need to know to make best card is to choose a masculine, warm colour for cardstock base like brown, burgundy, forest green etc. Choose a paper that is associated with your dad’s favorite sports or activity and match it with the colour that brings it out the most. Put on a photo to highlight a precious moment or memory you shared with your father and add a piece of verse or poem or just a simple message to convey your sentiments. This homemade Father’s Day Card is the best way to make this day most special.

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