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5 Safety Tips during Driving from Andy 1st driving School

May 18, Likes.0 Comments

Driving is the most interesting and vital skill that everybody needs to be well-versed with. However, while on one hand, it is the most convenient thing, at the same time one has to be very careful about few things while driving a car, especially if you are a new driver. Here are some driving tips from Andy1st driving school Coventry so that before you hit roads you take the necessary precautions.

Concentration on the steering wheels
While we know what kind of concentration driving requires, many of us tend to ignore this fact and use mobile phones while driving or listen to loud music in the car. This can be very dangerous and prove threatening to life. Always focus on the roads and follow the rules. Drink and drive are strictly prohibited as one knows how dangerous it is to your life. Don’t mingle with your smartphones or loud music as it is capable enough to distract you and accident is the last thing you want while you have started driving.

Stay Alert and never over speed
It doesn’t matter if you are within the speed limit and following all the traffic rules, there are some fools on the road who can hit you from anywhere. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary that you stay within the speed limit so that you can manage your vehicle in case of such emergencies. Also, it is recommended that you keep a bit distance from other vehicles so that there is enough time to balance in emergency cases.

100% Mental Alertness
It is very much possible that you haven’t slept properly last night or you are on some kind of medication which causes a nauseating effect. It is very dangerous to drive during such times as you can fall asleep while driving. Try to avoid driving in such circumstances. Driving requires mental alertness and focus and one should be very cautious of these things.

Practice enough before you hit the roads
Learning how to drive is not a one day’s business and one needs to get used to driving before they are ready to drive alone. This is because just like anything, one needs to hone their skills on driving as well so that they are prepared for the difficult situations. Learn from a good driving school, get your license and start driving on your own. This will also build confidence in you as now you will be prepared.

Drive Cautiously
When we are late for work and there is a lot of traffic on the road, people have a tendency to try to change lanes randomly and start honking horns. This is something a good driver should avoid as such activities will only cause restlessness and may even annoy and become inconvenient for other drivers on the road. Stay calm and drive smoothly as changing lanes won’t let you reach anywhere faster. Be a good driver and focus.

Better be safe than sorry when you are driving on the road. Follow all the rules and drive carefully. Just remember that you are just not risking your own life but also of your family members. Drive cautiously, follow the rules and enjoy it!

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